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Loans for Bad Credit

What are loans for bad credit

The words ‘loans for bad credit’ come with a presumptuous reputation. It practically screams out that a person hasn’t quite done all the things they should have or checked all the right boxes in life. ‘Bad credit’ people are scroungers, who avoid paying their bills and live the high life on the tax payers bill, right? Wrong! ‘Bad credit’ doesn’t mean bad people, and we’re here to put to bed the myths about bad credit and waver any pre-determined assumptions you have about your financial issues.

Unfortunately, the financial world is filled with negative jargon that plays along with the ‘loans for bad credit’ reputation. Arrears, fore-closer, payment declined, late fees, debt…they all paint quite the bleak picture, don’t they? Conjuring up an image that in actuality, often isn’t the case.

Let’s take debt for example – not all debt is bad. When used correctly, having debt can actually be a good thing. For instance, having a mortgage is not perceived as a bad thing, but rather, a very good thing. But it is a type of debt.


Why loans for bad credit in the 1st place

Loans for Bad credit doesn’t come from having  payday loans or credit cards, mortgages or any other form of monetary borrowing. It comes from the failure to pay it back. And here is another negative word, that is often misunderstood factuality. Failure. It means that you haven’t managed your repayments, not that you have been unwilling to pay.

More often than not, financial struggles come from periods of large playout and little income. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as death, unexpected large expenses, car failure, job loss, sickness and so on. In all likelihood, someone with bad credit has not chosen the situation they now find themselves in.

So why should they be punished for it? Your credit score is, in layman terms, a grade given to you by banks and financial lenders regarding your reliability to make repayments (not necessarily including your ability). This is why loans for Bad Credit exist. To help those who need a loan for bad credit reclaim their prestige among the money lenders.


Different types of loans for bad credit

Loans for Bad Credit, again, coming in many forms such as high interest, small amounts etc., are often a good way to go if you need a bit extra for a short period. But be sure you can pay it back, or else you could very well make your situation worse. After all, the idea behind the ridiculously low yield and high interest is to help you prove to lenders that it’s not that you are unwilling or even incapable of making good on your promise to repay them, but rather that you just had a bad couple of months in the past, and now you’re willing to make up for it.


Availability for personal loans for bad credit

There are a number of payday loans direct lenders out there willing to take a chance on someone without the perfect credit score. Provided you have an income and are willing to pay the money back with a large APR, you can not only get the money you need, but start to bring your credit score back up and into your favour, provided you make prompt payments, if not wiping the slate clean all-together. 


Loans for bad credit with

Applying via Pounds4U simple form quickly will let you know if other payday loans direct lenders are interested to approving your cash loan.

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Furthermore, Pounds4U only works with UK payday lenders that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

It comes as no surprise that Pounds4U has processed over 700,000 loan applications and received many positive customer reviews. Many of our customers returned to us time and again.  

To find out if you qualify for a payday loan, simply fill out our quick and easy online application form and leave the rest up to us.

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