Pounds4U.com Guide to Credit Cards

Cash is a big topic. Particularly as a student, it is vitally important to budget, think about finances and also plan exactly how you utilise your money. Whatever your concerns, there are different ways that you can manage to do things you like, consisting of credit cards. They can be a frightening prospect, however utilised well they are an actually effective economic tool that can in fact help you both currently and in the future.

Pounds4U.com is pleased to give you this credit card guide to help you with the pounds you need with short-term loans, payday loans, Personal loans and loans for bad credit.

Credit Cards vs Overdrafts

The payment of overdrafts is, pretty expensive while credit cards tend to have much more benefits which include:

  • Enhancing your credit rating
  • Ability to avoid interest rate fees
  • Assisting to spread out payments

Credit cards are a terrific means to spread costs or to enhance your credit rating, which is truly helpful for the future when it comes to getting a cars and truck on financing, getting a mortgage or other types of loans.


Here is Pounds4u.com Top 5 Tips For Using Credit Cards

If you utilise it wisely, a credit card can be beneficial for your finances, budgeting as well as future preparation. Adhere to these leading tips as well as you will actually benefit from your credit card!


1. Understand How Credit Cards Work

Prior to you obtain a credit card, let alone start utilising it, you ought to make sure you completely recognise just how they work. This develops the structure for utilising it well!

Credit cards are a form of loan. You spend cash on credit score understanding that you are after that most likely to pay it back at a later day. Unlike a typical loan, there is no fixed day whereby you have to pay the cash back so it’s a terrific means to handle bigger payments.

This does not imply you must invest whatever you desire. To use a credit card well, you must only spend money you recognise that you can manage to repay without issue later. This is because you’ll be billed rate of interest on any kind of cash you borrow that rolls right into the next month.

Rate of interest

Various credit card firms, as well as even different cards supplied by a solitary company, will charge various quantities of rate of interest on the credit scores you utilise. The interest indicates that, at the end of the month, you will be charged a particular portion of the credit history you’ve spent and not yet paid back. This is credited your card.

If you have actually paid the card completely that month, you will not be charged anything.

Minimum Repayments

Every card will certainly have a minimum month-to-month repayment. This is the amount you have to repay on your card every month, otherwise you’ll sustain charges. This could be a defined amount, as low as ₤ 5, or could be a percent of your credit history.


Every credit card will certainly additionally have a limitation. This is to help maintain you safe from borrowing way too much cash. Your initial credit card will have a smaller sized limit that will climb in time when you confirm on your own to be a dependable debtor. If you discuss your credit limit, you will sustain added charges.

2.  Know What You Want the Credit Card For

There are numerous reasons why people might obtain a credit card and this can alter while you have your card, but starting out recognising what your objective is really vital as it will certainly aid you use your card more properly.

Spreading Expenditure

Credit cards can be utilised to spread out the charge of more costly payments, anything from festival tickets to a new laptop computer. Credit cards have a minimal monthly payment, yet or else don’t have a time frame on when you require to pay back the cash you obtained on credit rating. This can assist make expenses much more inexpensive, yet bear in mind to allocate the repayments, taking rate of interest into account, so you do pay the cash back with time. Otherwise you can enter even more financial debt.

Structure Credit

You can utilise your credit card for the function of constructing credit score. It can be truly handy to have an excellent credit rating even if you do not require it now. It takes time to develop your credit report, so the earlier you begin the far better.

To utilise your credit card to construct your credit history, you must make small however frequent acquisitions with your card as well as always guarantee you pay them back in full. This helps to continuously accumulate your credit rating documents, showing that you can be trusted with borrowing cash.

Short-term Borrowing

As opposed to dipping also somewhat right into your overdraft account, you could use your credit card to obtain small amounts of money if you are unexpectedly in a pinch. This is most reliable when you know that you will be able to pay it back within a couple of weeks but require a way to cover an unexpected expenditure in the meantime. It is crucial, nonetheless, that you factor in the minimum monthly payment if you are most likely to do this as you do not intend to sustain additional costs.


3. The Monthly payments

The very best way to utilise a credit card effectively is to make normal monthly payments, factoring these rights into your budget. Set up automatic minimum monthly payments so you do not have to stress over accidentally obtaining added costs.

If you are using your credit card to build up your credit rating, then most cards will permit you to set up automatic complete repayments. This makes sure that you do not obtain charged rate of interest on credit that you are just using to aid boost your credit history.


4. Claim On Lost or Damaged Goods or Undelivered Services

By law, credit card companies themselves are really liable if something you’ve spent for on credit score (in between ₤ 100 and also ₤ 30,000) goes missing, gets here harmed or isn’t delivered, consisting of an item or a solution. This means that credit cards use your additional defence on items. If something fails, make certain you make a case to your credit card firm.


5. Use a Mobile Application

A wonderful idea to use your credit card wisely is to maximise applications that credit card firms use. These aid you to continue track of what you have obtained, just how much you need to repay, interest and also various other information. They make it incredibly easy to make payments and to stay in control of your card.

If you have a current account as well as a credit card from the same business, then it can often all be incorporated right into the one application so you can see all your monetary information in one area.

Credit cards can be a great monetary device when used well, helping to construct your credit rating, spread payments and remain in control of your finances. Our biggest top pointer is to guarantee that you always continue top of repayments. Missing out on, or not also making, payments can get you into financial difficulty. If you remain on top of what you utilise, credit cards can be extremely handy in daily life as well as preparation for the future.

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